Thursday, November 22, 2012

Transitions / Perceptions /Beauty and the world around me ...

Last night I awoke with the thought that Autumn / Winter has truly wrapped me in her embrace ;

As this is the reality , I wanted to share the transition with you in this visual blog ; hence the first part of the title being- Transition. My first two pictures capture this for me. The fragility of time shown so beautifully in this tender bloom , I was amazed  at how well the shot came out , I love the colour and detail.....the picture of the butter  churns may not be so obvious ; but I love the old antiques and am glad they are back in Vogue ; what goes around comes around  . Even as we move on we can take our treasures with us...

Perceptions and they way people in the Balkans process the world around them is a challenge to understand . What I am trying to get across by showing these pictures may help in this quest to fathom ! Their sculptures / statues / art work and graffiti are stuck in time but amazingly still speak volumes , if the rest of Europe took time to explore ..


I love the crazy mixed up way that life unfolds for males and females !!!

The world around me captured here; on the mountain in Southern Albania , looking out towards Corfu we stopped to watch these Hang-gliders , taking a break ...

Then down by the beach - wonderful colour !!!!

                  The world changed and grew a little bigger , with the arrival of Asher Stanley

                   Above are some random shots of - The Artist at work  and in her environment !!!

Hope you like the images of what I observed when on a trip to Arundel , the day was so beautiful and the colours so vibrant .

Transition completed with a lovely picture of a new hand reaching out to a not so new hand !!!  and as Autumn / Winter embraced me , I can now embrace it , Have a colourful transition thru your own Autumn/Winter . Write and let me know how it has affected your transition / perceptions / beauty and awareness of the world around you ????

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