Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello everyone ; everyone who reads my ramblings ...
I have been in England for the last month because...I was babysitting for my daughter who took a nice trip to Germany to see friends and my eldest was awaiting her second child's entrance into this world .
The month was long for reasons that will become apparent ...
Upon my return I want to chronicle the highlights and experiences I went thru ; journalling for my benefit as well as sharing joy and lessons learned .
It is so lovely yet exhausting to be sole carer , not the physical tiredness , this is inevitable - but the responsibility of all round caring for little ones . What I want to focus in on here is the amazing job today's mum's do in giving their offspring  such rich life experiences and emotional stability on a daily basis .
My initial week was spent going to the park / science museum / and Art gallery in Walsall .
Apart from the visits to these facilities , sharing with other children , learning how daily life unfolds , and learning patience were the major lessons the girls were exposed to .
Wow ; what amazing arenas for learning we encountered ...
a) waiting for the swing as exuberant older children would not relinquish !!!!
b) Wonderful play areas , showing how health centres work / cafes' operate and the science of music can be discovered .
c) engaging with ME (mina) who sought to flow in with Anouk. I needed to understand how she communicates at this stage of her life (18mths)  this was patience on her behalf as if you had not guessed !!!!

I am very glad that my girls have decided to be "stay at home mums'  - not least because they will get to see all the stages blossoming and unfolding beautifully before their eyes and this is such a treasure .
The girls also experienced other young children abseiling for charity  / being exposed to Art on their level and general amazing creative projects helping the community .

I just love watching children engaged in imaginative play

....Fanfare upon completion !!!!!
I have included this image because I like it !!!!!  the colours look good enough to eat ....
This blog will highlight the first part of my England trip and bring you on board with my eventful month.

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