Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pas Deux of my English adventure ..

After enjoying my weekend with the girls I set off down south to the unchartered territory of Brighton / Hove .
I felt free- just me/ the music and my little car heading out into the night yet trusting  my 'sat- nav' so I could negotiate the trauma of the m25 /m23 interchanges....
It took 3 hours to reach my destination and another stage had begun- that of the 'waiting game ' we were about to play , anticipating the new arrival....

While we were waiting we trawled the shops and cafe's in the area namely the charity and junk shops . We are addicted to them; searching for the 'gotta have' treasure  seen either in a magazine or on Pinterest , and which complete the look !!!! - for our respective homes.
We took trips out , to the wonderful town of Arundel ; you see the castle in these shots.
I am glad the family live by the sea too -Brighton is so beautiful and Archetypical - 'British seaside'      
full of interesting people , so my next favourite pastime - people watching was well and truly satisfied ..
Highlights of this waiting game were the chance to take Oliver to school and feel part of the 'mums in the playground' - nice group of girls for Rachel to slowly integrate with ...x
I also had the chance to meet up with a friend and reconnect (in person) after 25 or so years .
this was fun, going to a museum and an Art gallery  and having lunch- together with our charges and the rush back up to the station in time to wave them off to their destination .

The arrival into the world of Asher Stanley was dramatic to say the least and I won't write about those details ... only to say he is a wonderful big and healthy boy with an incredibly warrior-like mother and I am immensely proud of the whole family.

As a result of the birth I was able to stay around for a month which was lovely , taking care of some of the domestic scene and going on another road trip with Oliver.
As it was half term we went back up to Birmingham  ,  by car (a nightime adventure for a little boy- with his face painted like a tiger to protect me )

We had a fun few days, just playing with his cousins - making dens in the lounge and going to the parks around Kings Heath.
Not only were the kids allowed to have fun, but we did too !

The end of the trip was completed by travelling home by coach thru London ...
He was amazing 5hours on a bus strapped in his seat , with all the energy he has !!!!!
My last weekend was filled with English delights ; walking by the sea , reading the Sunday papers and enjoying the unique weather - the lovely cool winter light and clouds and round sky...

 .... to be continued but in another country and another landscape.

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