Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shkoder Snow

"Cabin fever ".... a phrase that has struck a chord with me today...

I have been in Shkoder now for a week and hardly left the house ... 

The snow comes thick and fast and when it is not snowing it is raining hard or thunder and lightening can be heard all around in the mountains nearby.

But I am grateful for the details;   Electricity ..... friendships ..... my sewing projects .... and the book I am reading - which is an account of a Romany childhood ; lovely x

There are some bright spots though and eager to get out we walked into the Centre.
This is the city all white and beautiful and magical , hope you enjoy this picturesque promenade.

The call to prayer resounded around the park , it was an eery yet  beautiful acoustic

Noah knew it was more than his life's worth to throw a snowball in my direction

"lets go back home for some hot choc..."

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