Thursday, March 8, 2012

Albanian fashion.....

Albania is a very mysterious country to the Western mind ,
 Speaking generally yet  poetically; She is like your strange / quirky cousin who lives an alternative lifestyle and you can't fathom out what makes her tick !!!!  / Or she is like the Gypsies of my childhood - fascinating/ captivating and other worldly ... certainly not in my sphere !!!!
With this in mind I want to give you a glimpse into the style of the 'Shkodra Woman'
 The picture above is the theme - how glamorous she is , and what is pleasing to her eye in the fashion realm
Weddings are immense !  This is a selection of what is on offer on the High Street , although I am talking to the Girls in the beauty parlour and they say things are changing , with a shift to the natural and individual.
A Guest to the Nuptials has the choice of these creations ...

Mannequins always shock me as I walk past , do a double take  and ask the question, are they real ?

The young people I see walking the city streets are good looking, smart
 and sophisticated on the whole , the females being nicely made up . They actually look stylish in these coats.

I do wonder if anyone buys these 'frocks' ?
 To me they look very uncomfortable to wear ; feminine is not an adjective I would attribute to the style .

The home is colourful,  captured by these garish cushions  ; very different from the  creams / fawns and neutrals - so popular in our neck of the woods...

This lovely 'stylish' old lady wanted to know what I was doing ? She is one of many who are not afraid to inquire.....
Just for  Andy Warhol fans !!!! Who wants to purchase a creation such as this - 'Pop Art' at it's Craziest!!!!!
This shoe though you can purchase to wear ... any takers?
Fur coats are still 'A la mode' These being sold on any street corner, out side boutiques ... .I quite like fur , please don't judge though , it's just bringing back fabulous memories of my maternal Grandmother - she looked AMAZING in fur!!!!!
So there you have it , a window into another aspect of the Albanian Female .... so would love any comments / opinion /feedback ...x

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