Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exploring the meaning of life !!!!

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I had just read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible . I mentioned that it was very timely (to me) - to make sense of how a Human should be living in regard to wisdom / finance / relationships etc ....
This was because the climate we are living in puts immense importance on
1) appearance /  image
2)  personal achievement / or broadly speaking -the Protestant work ethic ... the things you 'do' to feel fulfilled ....
3) financial gain

In the first chapter ... and subsequent ones !!!! it exposes all these categories as 'Vanity - all is vanity'
If this is the case / truth ... how do we respond ?
The three concepts I have whittled life down to, do have some importance ; but how much store should we put by them-  that is without being slave to the monster , how do we live a 'successful life' and what is success ????

I am wriitng this blog in the wake of the debate over what should young people be guided into vis a vie
 their vocation? /  what should they study? / do for a living ?
It seemed to me that as usual the loudest voice was only concerned with Value for money -  getting a 'Proper job' and one that 'paid good'

Question ? ..are we going to learn any lessons here .....

February will probably be littered with these thoughts - after all it is the month of 'Love'  and I want to learn to love someone / anyone whose life choices I need to understand more.


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