Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Princess/ The Actress and The Singer....

Its fun living the 'Socialite life' here in Tirana....being privileged- my girlfriends and I; were invited to this celebration, any excuse to dress up / to see and be seen!!!!!!
 It was organised to co-incide with the anniversary of the wedding of King Zog and queen Geraldine, They desired to be on the European Royal Circuit, and the enlarged pictures are cica early 20th century
 A talented Milner from Kosovo wanted to recreate the era and her creations were paraded for us to enjoy, by actors singers and models

 The afternoon was a fun combo of speeches/ cat walk /string quartet and the usual 'Air Kissing'

 Most of the images you may have seen on my timeline, but the theme i wanted for this blog features the flow of the event., and I wanted to give a higher profile to featured hats , all the hard work that went in to the afternoon, the music and the mingling making it all rather memorable.....

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