Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer school

 Schools out- well not for me.I have become the proud owner of a new lens for my camera and it is a major learning curve, to try and figure out how to work the thing....The reason for this is the way i learn; thru trial and error!!!!
 So on a lovely mid August morning, I was in the garden scanning ....... A beautiful peach Rose in early blossom....
 The awesome texture and depth of a glass jar.....

 Look at these incredible poised feet, they balance so beautifully inches from the earth
 Here is the little man; pondering issues of his universe
 Beautiful ears and curls.....
 Exquisite eyes and hair cascading from a maiden's face

 The whole range of emotions when engaging in play,
 I am trying to capture the sharpness of the amazing detail in these blooms

 Is not the colour out of this world ???

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