Wednesday, May 9, 2012

rambling rose

I really wanted to write down some thoughts that would be: poetic/thought provoking/deep, in a spiritual sense and all round meaningful ...!
It is risky not to sound sentimental, depressive or misunderstood when one commits pen to paper, but here goes and hopefully you can catch my drift.

I am being to true to my profile when I tell you that I am where I am in the Universe!!!! 
I can't be any younger and I can't undo the past. 
I just want to flow in the present - now - where I am, with what I know ...

Here are last night's musings in poetic form .....

"she was told to go sit on a rock...
the spirit led her out into the desert , and there she was 
then the desert became the wilderness 

she did not know how long she lay on the rock in the wilderness beyond the desert 
                               or why?

her heart remains open, but no-one peeps in

her ego is long dead or so she believes

but still she dreamt of revenge ; 
      still she cried out in anger , but who will listen when the silent scream roars in the void 

       Still .... the world will birth those with talent ; gifting ; opportunity ; purpose 
                     and others look on in awe and waiting envy" 

How many of us have projects incomplete, books they have yet to write. Adventures they are yet to  embark upon. 
I feel for you all, as I struggle with the same issues and if i am honest I don't know how to emerge unscathed from doing battle.
It's not as though we are ungrateful for the era we live in... potential and promises and opportunities are what we were weaned on...
but there is still 'us' who holds us back.

My point in all this is - if I don't accomplish 'it all'... be merciful to myself, live out my day in joy 
remain poetic and if I think no-one is hearing me, I still take comfort in the knowledge that the desert has heard me and the wilderness will answer me.

(Here are some beautiful images from a local albanian artist.)

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