Sunday, May 27, 2012

images of experience

It is the cherry picking season in Albania and I was invited out to the country to ...pick / eat cherries !!!!

Living in the family was an amazingly beautiful old woman who had spent her whole life in this one area living and working the land .She was 86 and still climbing trees to pick the juicy and biggest !!!
Duly inspired to capture images of experience , the next day I went around town and captured these images.

I caught this animated discussion ; everyone has time to stop and tell their story !!! even cars stop in the middle of the highway to talk , kiss relatives and exchange news .

 This woman , very Romany quite a distinctive attire and to me , appealing ....
 Sometimes I have to be very subtle , it's not easy encroaching on intimate moments , there are a range of responses .Some love it / others hide thru shyness or religious reasons .
 The old men here take such a pride in their appearance and I love this look , the blazer; the hat - very Italian and very classy !!!

Old /not so old faces that tell a story are fascinating to me ; the old men have a wonderful cragginess, that is very photogenic

 This precious old Lady took a long time to photo , she was ages in the shop , tiny and very distinct ....
 Methinks this guy doth protest too much ,, there was a lot of laughter and teasing from across the market ; but I captured his mischievious look , don't you agree ???

Needless to say ; I have been invited back to eat a meal and so I will , taking pics and showing you the lovely old lady !!!!

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