Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visual insight

We are well into January ; can't believe it , but I suppose none of us can believe how time flies , so had better make the most of it !!!!!
Thought I would give you a visual insight into me and the things that I love and are inspiring - better than boring you with words / words words - please enjoy and give any feedback if so desired x

 This is a beautiful scene , having amazing depth and mystery ... it is somewhere in the Lebanon which happens to be one of the destinations in this journey of mine , not sure when it will happen but I am waiting patiently with great anticipation nevertheless.

I thought you might find this amusing !!!
 my alterego or heroine before I married was to be Tess of the D'Ubervilles..... phew! glad I got that out my system..... Thankfully anything Edwardian has never left me and I would ADORE to wear this and mince around like her !

 I love this dessert .... <3

 This gives an insight into our home in the mountains -yeaaahhhhh

 My three maidens - not quite the same personalities but same dreamy / and beautiful styles ....

 I took this ; .....I still love taking pics of odd scenarios and this one exists up the valley in the part of Albania I am increasingly finding my life 

The vision of my courtyard , nicely being realised....

 SOON I will see the Northern lights - it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine 

A project that is next on my timetable / agenda to complete , I have some embroidery , done years ago that will look like this when finished . Well worth the wait !!!!!

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  1. Like your blog, Lynn. Better than a diary! And beautiful pictures. Keep traveling and blogging...and keep happy!