Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new year

I suspect that some of you out there ; are like me, loving the build up to Christmas and yet looking forward even more to the new year .... new year =  fresh start .
I love getting a new diary and with a beautiful pen on a clean blank page - thinking and writing about new ideas/ dreams and motivations for the immediate future .

  Blogging!   another 'new' thing - hope it will continue and flow freely in this coming year .

We had a joyful Christmas , probably the last in a season when we were all together ,
We spent the holiday up a mountain in our place which is increasingly becoming 'home',

Then after a few days we all piled into 2 cars and drove to Istanbul !!! yeah ;  Istanbul in the winter and new year fireworks over the Bosphorus  - magical ....

I don't take this life for granted , I am very privileged ...
Now we say goodbye to our middle daughter , embarking on a new phase in her life moving with her family to England .
Our eldest daughter is continuing her 'mobile' adventure and our youngest is settled more and more in Manchester .

...So the River floweth .....

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