Sunday, February 22, 2015

Animals and Humans....and everything in-between!!!!!!

Hello !!!!!
 I know I have not done a blog for we drove down South- here you can see Mount Tomor in the distance, still snowcapped and wild!
 In winter, everyone is forgiven for hibernating; but also struggling for inspiration effects even the most creative of us ..(LOL)
 Driving down south was lovely at the weekend; hats off to those who let us go a-visiting

 men talking 'Technical'
 and so I went in search of 'the animals'

 Mr search of some lady friends!!!!!
 These geese- I was nearly deceived into a wild ***** chase,
 Sweet Nanny goat ....awaiting the arrival of her 'first born'... won't be long darling lady

 this sweet donkey, off to tend the fields- faithful old servant....

 Animals AND Humans....

 we still need the expertise of the old style tilling
 Folks were amused at me taking a shot of a rotten old mandarin - but i know you would see the beauty therein

When He finds LOVE he can call off the search!!!!!!

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